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Let's talk CBD

the fastest growing pet market

First things first, CBD is NOT marijuana.

And therefore, will not produce the "high" effect. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It is only one, of the more than 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Our goal at Heart Smart was not to be another CBD product with a very pretty package.  Our team has been committed to creating truly effective medicine that is backed by science, formulated using the highest quality ingredients while leveraging next-generation cutting edge technology.

The Heart Smart Pet Difference


  Creating medicine begins at the source. non-GMO, Hemp is a fantastic plant for absorbing heavy metals and toxins out of the ground.  That's why at Heart Smart we only use THC free hemp from no-spray U.S. farms.  



All of our CBD products are formulated by our team of doctors, naturopaths and compounding pharmacists that understand the science and ratios between cannabinoids, terpenes and lipid transport to create true healing entourage effects in your pet's body.



The first and foremost advantage of Nano CBD is bioavailability.  Nano CBD, due to its size is easily absorbed as it travels throughout your pet's body minimizing loss due to digestion.  This increased absorption rate allows for faster on-set therapeutic effects, allowing your best friend to not have to wait in pain for the botanical medicine to take effect.


Liposomes have been used for many years in traditional medicine as an effective delivery method for drugs & nutrients in the body. Liposomes encapsulate plant medicine and increase the efficacy and duration of the medication.

Next Level - Although we use the best carrier oil, some CBD loss occurs during digestion. To further increase the bioavailability of our tinctures, we harnessed the latest sonic technologies to optimize the absorption and therapeutic benefits of our tinctures by nearly

5x times.

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