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We are not your average story

Our Lemonade Story

There are many businesses who share similar beginnings as ours. Budding entrepreneurs who are unsatisfied with their corporate gigs; take the plunge into entrepreneurship with a dream to make the world a better place. In 2008, my wife and I took the plunge. I left my 6-figure stable salary with 2 small children to feed, to make the world’s only ice pressed® olive oil.

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The Twist

Returning to my family’s ancient olive groves in Southern Greece, I wanted to create a better olive oil. As an engineer, it is innate for us to always want to improve things! There were a couple of practices in the olive oil industry that didn’t make sense... “Cold-pressed” was (and is) a term used to describe olive oil that is heated during processing and “pure” olive oil is a description used for the lowest quality, adulterated oil.

We spent the next 3 years figuring out a way to press our organic wild olives 30x colder than traditional cold-pressed olive oil using ice; thus, creating a truly cold-pressed olive oil. When we use the term “pure”, we really mean 100% premium quality olive oil, no added substandard oils or polyphenol additives. We didn’t set out to create the world’s purest, most stable fat & optimum lipid carrier – we just wanted to do life better!

The Lemons

Our new business was thriving, particularly our private label division. Then suddenly one day our world is turned upside down! I had crippling pain in my back that landed me in the emergency room. I was in renal failure. For the next several years I battled the pain of renal disease. The only thing that eased my pain was CBD. 

More lemons …. During this time our young son started having seizures. We discovered that he is among the 30% of epileptics who are drug-resistant.

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THE LEMONADE!  This is the GOOD part!!!

Synchronicity brought an angel to our family. She was a complete stranger who offered to donate her kidney to me! And it turns out we were an identical twin match. As there are no words to express the gratitude our family feels to her, we decided to honour her gift of life by creating products that help those in need.

Shortly after our surgery, synchronicity was at it again! And I connected with a team of compounding pharmacists many, many miles away with expertise in CBD medicine. Once an engineer always an engineer. It was time to create a better anti-convulsant for our son and other epileptic sufferers. The medical team understood the science & ratios of cannabinoids, terpenes, lipid transportation and the endocannabinoid system. And we happen to produce a superior lipid carrier! 


SUCCESS!!!! After several trials, we created an anticonvulsant formula for our son. His seizures went from several clusters a week to one every 4 months! Soon we began creating other formulas for chronic pain, arthritis, and anxiety and grew our private label CBD division. In 2019, with the widespread legalization of CBD we added our Heart Smart Pet Division to help our furry friends live their best lives too!

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We have personally witnessed the healing power of the cannabis plant. We also understand what it is like to be vulnerable & scared to put anything in your body or your loved one’s body. We promise our customers to ALWAYS work tirelessly to ensure that our products are pure, made with the highest integrity using the best ingredients and the latest scientific innovation.


Theo & Jen Rallis

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